Understanding Mental Illnesses and Disorders

Before we delve much into the subject of mental illness, let us first understand how the brain works.

psychologyOur brain is what makes us human. It comprises of a complex set of neurons and chemicals that set us apart from other animals. The brain controls all of our body activities from eating, walking, sleeping, talking, learning functions and memory. The brain even controls how we react to medication- with its main working unit being the neuron. Just like wires carry electric circuit, neurons carry information to and from the brain.

Neurons trigger the chemical messengers of the brain known as neurotransmitters. These messages the travel to appropriate receptors. The connection between the neurons and receptors is called synapses. Synapses form a precious chemical balance and interaction and controls how the brain perceives what we see, smell, hear, taste and touch. Any abnormal change in the brain, be it brain injury, reaction to drugs, virus or alteration of chromosomes – may affect the normal functioning of the brain.

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