According to World Health Organization records, one in four people in the world will be affected by a mental disorder or neurological disorder at some point in their lives. As of October 4th last year, around 450 million suffer from such conditions. These stats place mental illness among the leading causes of disability and ill-health worldwide.

When we talk about mental disorder, we refer to a wide range of mental health conditions and disorders that affect a person’s mood, their thinking and behavior. Examples of common mental disorders include schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, eating disorders and other addictive behaviors.

Different people have varied mental health concerns from time to time. However, these mental health issues become a mental illness when ongoing signs and symptoms cause high levels of stress and affect their ability to function. Mental illnesses are associated with distress and or problems in one’s social, work and family activities.

Guidance from this blog

Many people who have mental illness do not want to talk about it. The truth is – mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. It is just a medical condition, like any other medical illness. The good news is that mental conditions are treatable. This blog provides critical information to help those who are mentally disadvantaged and their relatives.

We go in depths to define mental illnesses, discuss their causes, risk factors and complications. We have classified mental disorders in their categories for easier comprehension. We have gone to the extend to researching and providing vital information on how to cope and manage anger, depression, panic attacks, bipolar disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders- and many others.

Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. It can affect any person regardless of their age, income gender, social status race, ethnicity religion or whatever classification. There is no need to stigmatize whatsoever. Mental illnesses take different forms. Some are relatively mild and only interfere with the affected in limited ways with their daily life. Others are so severe that a patient needs to spend time under observation and care in a hospital.

Educating the world about mental health and battling the stigma of mental illness is key to lowering the numbers of those infected – and about to be affected. We are a dedicated mental health blog to help solve the mental illness menace. We are about mental health and fighting stigma with detailed posts.

There is a cure!

Mental health is the foundation of thinking, learning, communication, resilience and self-esteem. Sound mental health is key to a balanced relationship, personal and emotional well-being as well as a positive contribution to community and society.

A mental illness can make the affected person’s life to be miserable causing a lot of problems in their everyday lives – be it in school, work or daily life. However, in most cases, symptoms can be managed through a combination of medication and psychotherapy (talk therapy)

Our aim is to provide comprehensive information that continually expands our understanding of how human brain works and available treatment options to help people successfully manage mental health conditions.