How to Cope with Personality Disorders

personalityPersonality disorders are mental health problems where attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs cause longstanding problems in life. It involves long-term patterns of thoughts and behaviors that are inflexible and unhealthy. The symptoms of personality disorder are different. Moreover, they can be mild or severe. People living with a personality disorder may have challenges realizing that they have a problem. Furthermore, to them, their thoughts are very healthy, and they often blame others for their woes. Changes in how a person feels about other people can lead to an odd behavior which can be distressing and upsetting to others. This article enumerates on some of the features and how to cope with personality disorders.

Some of the standard features of personality disorder include:

·         Feeling emotionally disconnected and avoiding other people.

·         Abusing drugs and having difficulty in managing negative thoughts without self-harming.

·         Losing contact with the reality.

·         Difficulty in maintaining close relationships especially with partners and children.

People with a personality disorder often experience other mental health illness like stress, substance misuses, and depression. The following are ways you can cope with personality disorders:

Talking to friends: It can be difficult to reach out whenever you are feeling unwell, however sharing with friends during hard times can often make them easier to handle.

·         Keep mood diary: Keeping a mood diary can help you track down what triggers the disorder. Such information may be important in future on how to deal with the triggering causes of the personality illness.

·         Do regular exercise: Physical activities like going for a walk or dancing to your favorite music helps your relax your mind and calm down making you come back with reality and stop perceiving people as responsible for your problems. Physical exercise also helps you get rid of anxious or angry energy.

·         Healthy diet: Maintain a healthy tired is one of the most beneficial ways of coping up with different mental illness including personality disorders. Furthermore, it helps you get the right nutrients and energy to deal with the things that you are facing during the awkward moments.

·         personality disorderTry online support: If you don’t feel like talking to your family members about your problems, online support services may be the best way for you to get help. Mainly, you can speak to your friends of the social sites or look for a qualified medical practitioner who can offer online counseling to you.

·         Specialist support: if you feel that family members are not helping you, you should seek for different support from qualified doctors who can be able to offer a particular recommendation to help deal with your situation.

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