Signs and Symptoms of Mental Disorders

Human BrainMental disorder causes severe or mild disturbance thoughts or behavior resulting from the inability to cope with life’s routines or daily demands. Each individual has experienced some different mental illness within the course of their environment. More profoundly, this piece will enumerate on the signs and symptoms of mental disorders. However, form the onset the symptoms below and not any other change indicates a problem that should be assessed. Nonetheless, the warning signs and symptoms below should not be due to recent medical condition or substance use.

Emotional outburst

People have different moods. However, sudden and dramatic change in someone’s feelings, such as extreme anger or distress can be a sign of mental illness. Hence, if there if you’re beloved one is having a sudden change in their emotions, it is the best time for them to seek medical attention.

Feeling depressed.

Depression is one of the killer mental illness amongst teens. If you notice that somebody has lost interest in their hobbies that you used to share, they seem to be irritable, very teary and lacking in the energy and motivation every time, that is a sure sign of personality suffering from depression.

Feeling worthless or guilty

Certain thoughts always occur to people who are suffering from mental disorders. Thoughts such as “I’m worthless,” “I’m a failure’, or “It is my fault” are all possible indicators that someone is having a mental health issue. Your loved ones or friends may need help if they frequently criticize themselves, as this feeling may lead to suicidal thoughts.

Withdrawn or Quiet

quietOccasionally, people need quiet time, however, withdrawing from life, especially if this is a significant change could indicate a major mental illness. If a friend is isolating themselves from people more often than not, they may be suffering from depression or psychotic disorder or another mental disorder problem. Additionally, refusing to join social activities may be an indicator that they need medical help.

Weight or appetite loss

Many people would want to lose a few kilos, however, fluctuating or rapid weight loss could be a warning sign of mental disorder such as eating disorder. Additionally, mental health issues can impact on weight and appetite of different people.

Substance abuse

Abusing drugs or substances can be a sign of or a contributor to mental problems. Some drugs are known to cause psychological and medical dependency due to their effects on the brain chemistry. Dependency with time can become an addiction. Hence, people who are drug dependent should be monitored, and in any case, they should be taken to rehab facilities for a checkup.

Changes in behavior

A mental disorder may start from subtle shifts in a person’s thinking, feeling, and behavior. Significant and ongoing changes could be a sign that someone is developing mental health issues. If you detect that something is not quite right, it is important to start a conversion on how to get help.


People got anxious and stressed from time to time. However, anxiety could be a sign of mental illness if it is constant and interferes every time. Symptoms of anxiety include headache, racing mind, heart palpitations, restlessness and running out of breath. If someone is exhibiting such symptoms over time, it’s a sure sign that they need medical observation.

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