How to Prevent Depression

depressionDepression is a serious illness that is caused by changes in the chemistry of the brain. It is a very common mood disorder that causes severe symptoms that affect how you think, feel and handle daily activities. Notably, to be diagnosed with depression the symptoms must prevail for at least two weeks. It drains your hope, energy, and personal drive making it tough to do what you need to feel better. While overcoming depression may be a daunting task, it is far from impossible. Below are some of the ways to prevent depression.

Reach out and Stay Connected

When people are depressed, the tendency is to isolate and withdraw yourself from people. Even reaching out to close friends and family members can be tough. It is compounded with the feelings of guilt and the shame you feel at neglecting your relationships.

However, social support is essential to depression recovery. Staying connected to the outside world and other people will make a world of difference in your outlook and mood. However, if you feel that you have no one to turn to, it is advisable to build new friendships and improve your personal support network. There are several ways you can stay connected with your families and friends. These include:

•         Seeking for support from people who make you feel safe.

•         Try keeping up with the social activities around you even if do not feel like doing it. It enhances your connection and ensures that you do not loose ties with people close to you.

•         Care for a pet. While human beings cannot be replaced pets can bring joy and compassion into your life by making you feel less isolated.

Getting enough sleep


Adult Sleeping Male Man Sleep Young DeepThe human body requires enough sleep. Besides, getting enough sleep is a mood regulator. It eases your mind. Young people, specifically are prone to depression and other mental illnesses if they regularly get an inadequate amount of sleep. To keep your mind and body in good shape, you should aim for at least 7 hours sleep a night, if not more.

For optimum performance, researchers recommend 8 hours night sleep, but that is not always possible in today’s hectic world. Hence, it is advisable for you to know the number of hours you require to function at your best, thus figure that time frame out and do your best to hit that goal every night you retire to bed.

Through the day, the mind accumulates so much information that makes it slow down; thus enough sleep helps get rid of the things that keep your brain from performing well

Eating Healthy Food


Fruit Healthy Food Vegetables Dairy Food DieteticEating food rich in vitamins, low-fat diet, nutrients, omega-3s, and folic acid can be helpful for mood regulation and balance. You are what you eat, after all. If one eats healthily, their body responds to body disorders in the equal measure.

Some people have incredibly low rates of sugar consumption. Therefore it is not accidental that their depression rates are significantly lower than those cultures where the sugar consumption is high. Cut processed, sugary foods out of your diet, and you may start feeling remarkably better.

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

While alcohol is considered to be a depressant, it can alter your mood without you even realizing. What is more, people who are at risk for depression are also at higher risk of alcohol abuse or developing alcoholism habits. To be safe, one just needs to avoid alcohol. However, one glass of red wine a day has been shown to be beneficial in some studies. That is one glass or 5 ounces.

Monitor your Overall Health

Diabetes and heart disease are associated with depression. People who are suffering from depression and other mental illnesses have higher rates of physical illnesses than people without mental disorders. Additionally, the more physical ailments one is suffering from, the more likely you are to be depressed. So stay on top of your health by visiting your doctor more regularly for routine physical check-ups. Furthermore, on top of eating right and exercising will ensure that your body is setting your mind up for success.

Do things that make you feel good

To overcome depression, people have to do activities that make them relax and energized. These activities may include following a healthy lifestyle, learning how to manage stress better, scheduling fun activities for your day and setting limits on what you can do.

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